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About Us

Shenzhen Donghao Import & Export Trading Co.,Ltd. Is a trading company that mainly engaged in the hot oversea goods. As a trading company, we not only take charge of the domestic sales, but also the oversea purchasing, including the transportation from oversea to domestic, the warehousing, the sorting & package, and the after-sales service.

Donghao is established in Shenzhen, we have the advantage in the foreign trade, our core team member have substantial Internet trade work to popularize experience, know well ripe Internet runs way, be familiar with Chinese Internet environment. We have a team with lots of international logistics experience and very skilled management. Based on the advantage of logistics, warehousing, purchasing ect, Donghao provide better quality & price advantage if compared with the oversea Vertical Website and personal oversea purchasing. Meanwhile, we provide multi-transportation mode that will be have the maximum benefit of cost saving. Moreover, our low price is come from our mature-size-effect supply chain, and our effective operating system.

After the layers of selection, Donghao purchase the hot-sale product in the country of origin, We can satify the customers’ need, no matter the health care product, but also the skin care product or Mommy and Baby Products. We also provide transportation document, import license, Customs declaration form.


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MSN: Skype: jemmylin.21